Hit or Miss? Modding in Total War Warhammer 2

Modding is a prominent feature in Total War Warhammer 2, featuring a steam mod-workshop that was an important part of my second playing experience. The mods, when I first played it after it came out, was flooded by small mods with minimal effect that were not well done. However, now the workshop has a large supply of usable mods that give me freedom to play the game in a more satisfying way. The mods that I enjoy the most often add very little to the game, but rather rebalance Total War Warhammer 2 in a way that improves the asymmetric advantages that each group enjoys. This type of mod should mostly have a dominant interpretation, as it does not modify the intended interpretation of the game. Most of the mods likely also dominant as the tools available for those modding the game are limited to files and models already in the game. Mods that alter victory conditions, or dramatically change the way that the player experiences the gameplay for a group likely are some of the only one’s that do not agree with the intended experience of the game. Steam’s mod workshop is attached to steam, one of the major online game distribution services. This makes it extremely valuable from a convenience perspective, bringing modders and players closer. Total War Warhammer 2 already has a very diversified gameplay experience, as there are many different ways to play the base game. The mods work on several different levels of the game, including character models, statistics, and camera view and using them to design the experience to one’s own liking can result in mods that conflict, and potentially cause crashes as I experienced. My experience with mods has radically changed for the better as the game has been out longer and the modders have had more time. The first time I played Total War Warhammer 2 trying to use the mods currently available was detrimental to the gameplay of the game. Perhaps opening the game to select modders before release would allow the game to maximize modding utility early in the process.

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